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    Talia is a highly experienced Flamenco Dance tutor and teaching is one of her great passions. She has taught people of all levels and ability, and is particularly interested in the transformative power of dance.

    She has used with enormous success, the principals of discipline and rhythm to promote self-esteem and confidence in pupils. For this reason, she works extensively in schools, with children and young adults. Her workshops are immensely popular and have received extremely positive feedback from both participants and organisers.

    She has led courses in many different schools and educational centres, including Drama colleges. Recently she designed and taught a 10 week course for students of the WAC Performing Arts and Media College in London, to produce a production of Federico García Lorca’s  'Blood Wedding'. She has also lectured and taught at top dance schools in Japan, Israel, North America, Italy and Ireland.

    In 2007, Talia designed and participated, at the behest of WAC Belsize Park, in an ongoing project intended to familiarise students with the spirit of the work of the poet and playwrite Federico García Lorca, and choreagraphed all the dancing used in the production.

    Talia has worked in numourous primary and secondary schools around London including Fortismere School, Rokesly School, Highbury Girls School to name but a few. Her work with children and young adults forms a very important part of Talias' favourite activity, as she uses dance as a disapline within itself and also a means by which people connect with they innate self confidence and imagination which has been found to have an enormous impact on all other areas of their lives including the ability to learn and assimilate other kinds of knowledge.

    Talia believes strongly that dance is a powerful healing force and devotes a great deal of time to sharing her experience with newcomers to the art of flamenco.

    Talia is passionate about bringing Flamenco to places that it may never otherwise have been brought for example; Prisons, Childrens homes, care homes etc

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Review of WAC ARTS production, choreographed by Talia in July 2016, from Rodgers and Hammerstein

In just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I enjoyed WAC’s production of BERNARDA ALBA last night. 

I thought the energy especially in the ensemble work was excellent and the degree of focus and accuracy in the Flamenco sequences particularly effective. ‘The Prologue’ was such a great start to the production, looking around during the well-deserved applause, I could see that the whole room was beaming. 

I am a great fan of the score but the music is deceptively difficult to prepare and perform. Given that it conveys both mood and narrative, it was very well done and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of hearing the score performed live. The band was excellent.

It was clear that the rest of the audience thoroughly enjoyed the production.

Thank you for letting my colleagues and I attend the performance and I hope the rest of the run goes as well.

Kind Regards,